If you are looking to boost your social media with professional photography, you’ve come to the right place. I have photographed many influencers and artists over the years and helped raise the level of their Instagram-social media content. It's something I really enjoy! I love the blend of fashion, lifestyle and portraiture. I am looking forward to working with you!
Our services cover: 
Photography Coverage for Conferences and Corporate Events
Corporate Headshot Photography
Company Holiday
Parties and Celebrations Large Group Photos
Social Media Portraits
Custom Corporate Website Images
Other Specialized Photography Needs
Photography for schools, education, academies and colleges.
With over 15 years of experience, using the latest photography equipment and digital techniques, I am committed to provide you with relevant, vibrant images that communicate your marketing message. But don’t take our word for it, please take a look at our Portfolio for relevant samples of our work. To offer our clients flexibility, I travel to any location and set our mobile studio at your offices or any outdoor location. 


HeadShots Sessions

No matter what industry you’re in, you can’t go wrong with a classic studio backdrop. I offer studio sessions in your home. For busy professionals who want a simple and efficient session, I offer accessible Express Studio Sessions. This package is the best deal in London and East Sussex Area for magazine-quality portraits. For executives who are interested in a more personalized session, at a slower pace, Standard Studio Sessions are perfect for capturing multiple high-quality headshots that will boost your online brand.
10 processed photos.
You will need to download the shots from the online gallery within a maximum of 2 weeks.
HeadShots Sessions pricing starts at £150.
Keep in mind; I offer a 20% discount on models that allow the sale of photos in my Getty Images portfolio.

Office Indoor Sessions

If you’d like to give customers a sneak peek into your work environment, an indoor office session at your workspace could be the perfect backdrop for your new professional headshot. Before your shoot, I will request some photos of your space, to make sure that you have the correct lighting for an indoor office shoot. During the session, your headshot photographer will guide you through multiple natural poses and explore at least two backdrop options. I will also pause regularly to show you the photos so that you can give feedback and work towards a perfect final shot. 
5 portrait photos per person.  The shooting fee will be determined according to the number of people. You will need to download the shots from the online gallery within a maximum of 2 weeks.
HeadShots Sessions pricing starts at £250.
Keep in mind; I offer a 20% discount on models that allow the sale of photos in my Getty Images portfolio.

Urban Outdoor Sessions

Available at seven pre-screened locations across London, East Sussex. If you’re looking for a backdrop that’s both unique and friendly, an outdoor session might be the perfect option. Over the past years, I’ve found the top seven locations across East Sussex for perfect headshots. I know the backdrop options, the time-of-day required, and every other detail that goes into a perfect outdoor session.
10 processed photos. 
You will need to download the shots from the online gallery within a maximum of 2 weeks.
HeadShots Sessions pricing starts at £150
Keep in mind; I offer a 20% discount on models that allow the sale of photos in my Getty Images portfolio.

Social Media Sessions

Available at seven pre-screened locations across London, East Sussex areas. Actor/models photo sessions are one of the most effective and important tools to get the first break of his/her acting career, to get your face out there to potential studios, and other publicity channels. A professionally produced actor headshot image can tell volumes about you, it can help you stand out from the crowd. 
10 processed photos. 
You will need to download the shots from the online gallery within a maximum of 2 weeks.
HeadShots Sessions pricing starts at £150
Keep in mind; I offer a 20% discount on models that allow the sale of photos in my Getty Images portfolio.


Ozlem Aksel Basboga

Petek has been a good friend over the years and I always liked her artwork and photography. But recently, she took my family's photographs and I was able to see her work first hand. I should say, I am very impressed. She is very professional and fun to work with. I started to recommend her to everyone I know. Thank you for all the lovely photos Petek.

Ebru Tokel

A friend told me that Petek was looking for models for her photoshoot in London and said she was going. I had a look online and found Petek’s post on facebook. I immediately contacted her, and she replied very kindly. We met that day and had an amazing time together. Not only is she great as an individual, but she is also extremely knowledgeable and professional. That was my first professional photoshoot and it was a freezing cold day, but I must admit Petek was so patient and ever so warm that she made it so easy and enjoyable for me. She has a great attitude, work ethic and commitment to her work. Her ideas and creativity truly stood out. She is a very talented photographer and a pleasure to work with. When you look to hire a photographer, personality and fit are probably the most important qualities. Petek clearly has both and more to offer.
I would strongly recommend Petek to any individual or an organisation for their photography needs.

burcu c.

With a doubt, Petek is one of the very best photographers I know. Not only are her pictures beautiful and candid, but she truly captures the mood and emotion of the day. 

Elif Şanlı Yılmaz

3 kucuk cocukla fotograf cekimi nasil olacakti aceba? deneyim ve tecrubesini sadece cekimleriyle degil iletisimi ile bize harika bir gun yasatti. guzel bir gunun ardindan bize kalan gulusler ve harika kareler oldu.

Chiaki Fukumoto

I have modeled three years ago and the photos taken are esthetic with warm impression, adding natural sunlight and colors into it. They are the kind of photos you want to keep for years to look back, and to recall the beautiful captured memory. I highly recommend their service!

Tugba Dincturk Onaran

Petek is the best! I can NOT stop looking at our wedding photos. She has a true gift and has down lighting, angles and details.

Orhan Kanalp

I saw Petek’s post on facebook. She was looking for models to take photos of while she was visiting the UK. She was very friendly when I contacted her on the internet and helpful in terms of organising to meet at a convenient time for me. She was punctual and extremely patient. It was a great pleasure to work with her as her habit for being very prepared for any situation helped to make our work very enjoyable, easy-going and even informative. She is very experienced and knowledgeable in her field.
As I am a professional film actor I would be happy to use her freelance services professionally for the plays I am taking part in here as well as professional photoshoots, headshots and showreels. Definitely recommended!

Ozlem Erguz Koc

She is not only taking your photos. She magically finds out your shining part of your soul and you never feel uncomfortable or disturbed.
You can definitely trust her in terms of personality and skills. Being in front of the camera was never be that funny. Thank you Petek, for the beautiful photos and for your friendship.

Natalia Ongel

I was Petek's model several times and I highly recommend her! She is a great professional and an amazing person! She catches the mood and personality better than your best friend, husband or even your mother :) But what I like the most about Petek is that she is never banal about her views, pictures, or work! She is unique, her photography is unique. She has a taste, bcs she is an artist first of all. I definitely enjoyed every single photoshoot with her!

yasemın kececı

I have worked with a few different photographers for my work. Petek is completely different any of the others! She is a brilliant photographer, incredible artist and has an amazing perspective and creativity! Each time I worked with her, I was more than pleased with what I got! She is super friendly as well, so it's so much fun to work with her! She makes me really comfortable when we're working.I definitely recommend her to anyone who needs a professional and trustworthy photographer!

volkan balaban

My organization was hosting a formal outdoor dinner event for several hundred people and I only thought to hire a photographer last minute. Petek was able to take great pictures and capture the overall ambience of the event. She was even able to send me the final pictures very quickly soon after the event. Overall she was friendly, really great to work with, and I was extremely impressed by her work. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an outstanding photographer and I will be looking to book her for future events.

feza gokmen kurtulus

Petek is one of the best in photography. She delivered what we even couldn’t imagine. You can easily trust her art.

setenay cagatay

I have worked with Petek in 2019 and up until Covid-19 and have been more than happy with her service. She is always on time, professional and her approach is unique and creative. I will definitely continue working with her and highly recommend anyone who needs a photographer.

aysun radı

If you want a stunning aura in your photo, i highly recommend her...
When i received my photos, i saw the difference between art and craft...
İn this age, everyone takes photos, but experienced and educated eyes make them feel impressive..
Congr.. Petek 👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

medıha kaya

Petek is a very professional photographer who has an eye for detail. She tells a story with her photographs. Her passion is reflected in her art. I can highly recommend Petek. She can turn your routine daily activities to unforgettable memories that will last forever.

mıne aydogan

She's amazing photography with a great eye for artistry and creativity. Shes very friendly and comfortable to be around, an overall good person to work with. Shes very trustworthy and you know you can expect successful and satisfactory results from her. Her photography is beautiful, and I would highly recommend her.

seza erkal

Petek is one of loveliest people I have ever met and this perfectly reflects o her art. Her cheerful personality was very helpful with my teenager . The graduation shots turned out perfect. Thanks Petek, looking forward to our family album💙🙏🏻

denız samancıoglu

ArtPhotographer was one of the best choices we made for our destination wedding. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for that 'special' photographer with the magic touch to make their day truly extraordinary, for many years to come.

katrına roy

 I am happy to be a reference for Petek, and would recommend her to any one looking for photography services.
After working with Petek using her photography services, I was very impressed. She made me feel very comfortable as a model in my dance photoshoot, and the photos were taken and edited to an extremely professional standard. The photographs were also delivered to me very quickly.
I’d recommend her to anyone who is looking for quality photography sessions or any other services that require this type of work.
I really enjoyed working with Petek, and I look forward to working with her again in the near future. 

shang sukkamol

I met Artphotographer for a coupke of years ago in Sweden. It was my first test shoot I've ever done and before I become a model. Petek was very kind and good hearted and I feld so welcome, lucky me meeting such a good people at my first shoot. Thank you Petek!

gızem terzı

Petek was awesome to work with. Very progfessional and courteous. I look forward to working together again.

jennıfer r.

Petek is a photographer with a natural talend of keeping great company and the photos she takes are amazing beautiful, especially using natural light. I really wish to collaborate with her again.

dıgdem senturk

We met with Petek in 2014 at photoshoot that organized   by GettyImages. I'm a makeup artist and i need profesionally taken photos. Petek and i are started to work together in many projects. She is dedicated, energetic, positive and conscientious in whatever she undertakes to do. It was always a pleasure to work with Petek.